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Results of X Polish Olympiad in Informatics2003-04-12

Results of X Olympiad are available online. Winners are:

Marcin Michalski410 points  I place
Bartosz Walczak310 points  I place
Filip Wolski280 points  I place
Congratulations to all contestants!

Second day of III stage competition2003-04-10

On the second day of the competition, contestants had to solve three problems: Crystal, Monkeys, and Shuffle.

First day of III stage competition2003-04-09

On the first day of competition contestants had to solve two problems: Treasure and Sums.

Practice session of III stage competition2003-04-09

During the practice session Divisors game was being solved.

Results of II stage competition2003-02-22

Results of II stage competition are available. To the III stage competition of Polish Olympiad in Informatics we qualified 44 contestants that scored at least 128 points. Further more from the rest of the contestants Committee decided to honor contestants with at least 100 points.


Tests for II stage competition problems are available.

The last day of II stage competition2003-02-13

Today the contestants had to solve Tiles and Connections.

First day of II stage competition2003-02-12

Today's problems are:

Practice session of II stage competition2003-02-11

Today II stage competition of 10'th Polish Olympiad in Informatics started. During the practice session contestants had to solve Mastermind II.

Olympiad Committee announcement2003-01-09

  1. Jury of Olympiad in Informatics analyzed all received solutions to the problems of I stage competition.
  2. Jury questioned authorship of at least one program of 73 people already qualified to the II stage competition.
  3. Contestants were informed about it and asked to give an explanation.
  4. Juries report and contestants explanations were analyzed by Presidium. Presidium accepted 15 programs to be independent.
  5. 0 points has been given to all not independent programs and results have been verified.
  6. Contestants with at least 202 points have been qualified to the II stage competition. Alphabetical list of qualified people to the II stage competition (after modifications).

Informal results of I stage competition2002-11-25

Here are available informal results of I stage competition. It is also possible to download tests (Dos/Windows version)

The end of I stage competition2002-11-04

Today is the last day of the I stage competition. It is no longer possible to submit solutions through SIO, but it is still possible to send them by post.

The I stage competition of the 10'th Polish Olympiad in Informatics2002-10-07

The I stage competition of the 10'th Polish Olympiad in Informatics has begun. 5 problems are waiting to be solved: Sequences without stammers, Chocolate ,Archaic numbers, Printable microchips and Smugglers. Submit deadline is 4 November 2002.

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